And we want you to feel differently about downtime.

Inspired by the meaningful leisure movement coined by the Italians as Il Dolce Far Niente, we’re on a mission to create low maintenance loungewear for your most important hours - those spent on yourself.

Sustainably sourced and low impact, each piece has everything you love about luxury sleepwear, but completely washable so you can wash less and lounge longer. 

With inclusive sizing and cruelty-free fabrics, we believe all bodies deserve to feel confident, cozy, and blissfully idle. 

Look good, do good

Alongside sustainably-sourced fabrics, we’re reducing waste by turning leftover fabric into scrunchies, too. A long-standing relationship with our family-owned manufacturer guarantees a safe, ethical workplace and fair wages.

For every body

With sizing up to 3X and a fit guide you don’t need a degree to decode, we believe all bodies deserve to feel confident, cozy, and blissfully idle.

Wash less, lounge longer

More durable than silk with the same cool-to-the-touch feel, our fabrics are washable, wrinkle-proof, and with no animal byproducts, completely cruelty free.

Meet Michelle

After starting her career in fashion as a buyer and building her own knitwear brand from the ground up in 2013, Michelle decided it was time to focus on another passion; doing nothing. 

The missing piece? Loungewear she felt good in while taking time to herself - so Michelle made them herself. “I wanted to create a product that was special, high quality, purposeful and use fabrics that I’ve long admired for their unique properties.” 

Using sustainably-sourced fabrics, and ethical manufacturing, Idle invites you to rethink the outdated expectations that keep us busy with thoughtfully-designed, functional pieces for doing nothing at all.