5 Ways to Date Yourself

5 Ways to Date Yourself

It’s 2024, and we don’t need a partner to enjoy a date night. Even if you have a partner, it’s always a good idea to have a day or night for self-love filled with spoiling and pampering nobody but Y-O-U. Here are five ways to treat yourself to nothing but the best this year.

Rom-Com Movie Marathon

The best part of spending the day by yourself is getting to choose what to watch. And with no man (if that’s who you’re into) around complaining about having to watch a girly movie, you can have a sappy movie marathon with all the snacks you want in peace.

5 Ways to Date Yourself

No-Partner-Required Alone Time

Just because you’re flying solo doesn’t mean the date can’t include some pleasure. Take time for steamy self-care by creating a sexy mood and breaking out your favorite device. Take things up a notch by treating yourself to a new one. 

Have a Spa Day

Take the day to indulge in some much-deserved spa treatments. And that can mean booking a massage and spending time in the steam room or putting that face mask you’ve been saving to good use and doing your own nails. Either way, make sure you feel pampered as hell.

Spend Time at Your Favorite Book Store

Live your best bookworm life by skipping the flowers and buying yourself all the books you want. Get in the mood with a steamy romance novel, or stock up on the must-reads you’ve been putting off. 

5 Ways to Date Yourself

Cook Your Favorite Meal

And if your favorite meal is boxed mac n’ cheese, no one will judge. It’s your day, and you can eat whatever you want. Just eat it by candlelight with a bottle of wine for some added romance.

Oh, and P.S., you’ll need something to wear for all this self-love, and we have just the thing(s).